Electrical Staffing employee

I understand that I am an employee of Electrical Staffing Incorporated.  I will conform to the rules, regulations and standard operating procedures of Electrical Staffing as they may now or hereafter exist, and only Electrical Staffing or I can terminate my employment.  I understand my failure to report to the jobsite for work will indicate that I have quit, without notice, which is an inactive status, unavailable for further assignments.  When an assignment ends, I must report to Electrical Staffing for my next job assignment.  Failure to do so within 5 working days or to accept other employment will indicate that I am unavailable for further assignments, which is an inactive status.  I understand that I will not be employed by or directly or indirectly assigned to a contractor where I was referred by Electrical Staffing for a period of at least 12 weeks after the completion of the placement, unless I have the written consent of Electrical Staffing.  I understand and agree that I may be expected to work on a wide variety of job assignments and agree to accept assignments, for which I am qualified, as they become available.   I am telephone accessible and have reliable transportation.


If for some unexpected reason, such as an emergency or illness, I cannot make it to work, I will contact Electrical Staffing at their 24-hour, toll free voice mail.  Failure to do so before the scheduled hours begin may be grounds for dismissal.  Electrical Staffing may ask for a doctor’s excuse for an illness over 2 days and proof of obituary may be required for an absence for a death in the family.  Excessive absenteeism without excuse may also be grounds for dismissal.  Dismissal is an inactive status, making me unavailable for further assignments. I also understand I should contact my assignment supervisor to report an absence.


If for some reason I will be late, or cannot work my scheduled hours, I will contact Electrical Staffing.  My failure to do so three times during any assignment may be grounds for dismissal, which is an inactive status unavailable for further assignments.  I also understand I should contact my assignment supervisor to report a tardy or if leaving early.


At least one week of notice is requested if the employee leaves the assignment prior to completion.  If not given, this may indicate that I have left unsatisfactorily, which is an inactive status unavailable for further assignments.

Return policy

Equipment, Uniforms, Advances -  I agree to return all of Electrical Staffing's and/or the contractor’s equipment, uniforms, or any advances, which they may entrust into my care during assignment.  If said property is not promptly returned and Electrical Staffing files suit to retrieve and collect it, the prevailing party in such action shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and cost of collections if applicable.

Time sheet

The contractor will fill out a weekly time sheet unless stated otherwise.  I need to sign the time sheet verifying their hours.  The contractor MUST sign the time sheet and return it Monday’s by 5:00 p.m. to ensure that I will receive a paycheck each week.  I understand that this time sheet is the record that I was on assignment and worked the hours recorded.  I agree that any time sheet not submitted for payment within ninety (90) days from the end of the workweek, which it represents, will be void and Electrical Staffing will not be responsible for payment of any work shown thereon.


Government policy states that all employers take out taxes for all wages earned, unless otherwise stated on the employees completed tax form (the appropriate proof must be shown to file EXEMPT status).  My failure to provide completed tax forms will result in being treated as a single person who claims no withholding allowances.  Electrical Staffing will not reimburse any corrections made to tax withholdings during the year.  Changes must be made by myself through the IRS at filing time.

Paycheck delivery

I understand that Electrical Staffing's payroll is processed in Indiana and a reasonable time must be allowed for delivering my payroll check.  Electrical Staffing's practice is to have all checks distributed by Friday.  Final paychecks are sent via regular mail to my home address.  Please be patient if for some unforeseen reason it does not arrive on time, we are depending on someone else for delivery.  I will promptly notify Electrical Staffing if my paycheck is not delivered on time and sign Electrical Staffing's “Indemnity Agreement” form in order to obtain a replacement.  I understand that there will be a 7 day waiting period to stop payment on a check, and to get a check reissued.

Criminal records policy

I understand and authorize Electrical Staffing to examine any and all criminal records and arrests on file in the counties, as permitted, for any state.  In doing so, I understand that I am waiving my right of confidentiality concerning my criminal history.

EEO policy

Electrical Staffing is an equal opportunity employer.  It is our policy to make all employment decisions regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status.  Electrical Staffing complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.  Electrical Staffing's policy of equal opportunity applies to all phases of the employment relationship including recruitment, advertisement, hiring, upgrading, demotion, layoff, termination, rates of pay, and other forms of selection training, and compensation.  Electrical Staffing does not work with organizations that engage in discriminatory practices.

Harassment policy

It is the policy of Electrical Staffing that our work place is for work.  It is our goal to provide a work place free of tensions involving matters that do not relate to the company’s business.  Particularly, we do not permit an atmosphere of tension created by racial, disability, aging, ethnic, or religious remarks or animosity.  Unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors or other conduct of a sexual nature shall not be permitted in the work place and, after an investigation, may result in termination.  If any verbal or physical harassment takes place, notify the Electrical Staffing office immediately.

Alcohol & substance abuse policy

It is the purpose of Electrical Staffing to help provide a drug free environment for our contractors and employees.  Our goal is to prevent accidents, injuries, and to provide the safest possible working environment.  Electrical Staffing explicitly prohibits the use, possession, solicitation, sale, distribution, dispensation, or manufacturing of narcotics or other illegal drugs, alcohol or prescription medication without a prescription.  This applies to any location where work related activities are being conducted.

Being impaired or under the influence of legal or illegal drugs or alcohol off the company or customer premises that adversely affects the employee’s work performance, his or her own or others’ safety at the workplace, or the employers’ reputation may be grounds for termination.

Electrical Staffing may drug test using S.A.M.H.S.A. standards by the following methods:

  1. When it is the company’s belief that a drug problem exists, (such as evidence of drugs, symptoms of drug abuse, negative performance patterns, excessive absenteeism or tardiness) probable cause testing may be utilized.
  2. In the event of an accident or injury, within the scope of employment, a drug test will be required immediately.
  3. Pre-Employment & Randomly:  When the contractor’s policy requires all workers on their premises will be drug screened.

*I agree in the case of #1 or #2 above to not operate a vehicle to the collection site or home.
Electrical Staffing will not discriminate against applicants for employment because of past use of either drugs or alcohol.  It is the current use of drugs or abuse of alcohol, which prevents employee’s from properly performing their jobs that the company will not tolerate.  The results of all drug testing will be treated confidentially, and for no purpose other than making employment related decisions.

I understand that my failure to comply with this agreement, if I test positive or admit to substance abuse, will be subject to disciplinary action,  depending upon state laws, which may be grounds for immediate termination.  In addition, dependent upon state law, a positive test result may negatively affect your ability to collect workers compensation payments.

Also, employees of Electrical Staffing who test positive or admit to substance abuse will be referred to local public agencies that provide rehabilitation and counseling services.  Call our office for information local to you.
I hereby authorize and give full permission to have Electrical Staffing and/or their medical company’s authorized representative to send a specimen of my urine, hair, breath and/or blood to a laboratory for a screening test for the presence of illegal drugs, alcohol or prescription medication taken without a valid prescription.
I will hold all parties concerned harmless, therefore, I will not sue or hold responsible for any alleged harm to me, interfering with my obtaining a job, or discontinuing employment for not submitting to the tests or because of the test results.  This includes, but not limited to, possible clerical or laboratory error.  I understand and agree that Electrical Staffing will require a drug screen test as part of the application process, whenever an on the job accident or injury is reported, or other reasons to suspect possible drug use arise, in accordance with Electrical Staffing's policies.

Safety policy

Electrical Staffing‘s safety objective is to provide our employees with the safest working environment while on assignment with them, by training and educating them on safety awareness.  Enclosed is a safety guide that you must read.  Also, the contractor should provide the training and guidance necessary to eliminate unsafe practices and conditions at the job site.  I understand and will comply with Electrical Staffing's and the contractors safety rules, regulations and hazardous communication.

Any employee who believes that a violation of a safety standard exists should bring the situation to the attention of their supervisor or the appropriate staffing coordinator.  If corrective action has not been taken or a satisfactory explanation has not been given, you may request a safety inspection by sending a signed notice to the Department of Labor.

Electrical Staffing utilizes a progressive discipline approach for violations of safety and health policies.  This approach includes verbal and written warnings, suspensions and discharge.  Discharge may be used as a first step, only for major violations.

Major violations, include, but are not limited to:

  • Offenses which risk others health and safety
  • Blatant disregard of safety rules
  • Possession, use or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

Safety violations of a less serious nature, but still unacceptable, will be handled in the following manner:

  • First violation – For the Record Of (Verbal warning)
  • Second violation – First Written Warning
  • Third violation – Second Written Warning
  • Fourth violation – Job Reassignment, Suspension or Termination

Contractor rules

I understand that some of Electrical Staffing's contractors may have additional policies, procedures, conditions, and security practices, and I agree to comply with those at will.  If I do not adhere to these policies, I understand that this behavior may be cause for discharge.


If I sustain an injury on the job, I will inform my site supervisor and Electrical Staffing immediately after the accident. Electrical Staffing will deal promptly with legitimate claims and has workers compensation insurance that will pay medical expenses and wages, when applicable.  Electrical Staffing has extensive experience investigating claims and will fight fraudulent claims with all available resources.

An onsite representative will accompany me to the treatment facility.  I will authorize and receive a post accident drug screen.  All bills, reports, and updates will be sent to Electrical Staffing.  I will keep Electrical Staffing informed of my progress and I will inform Electrical Staffing immediately of my release to work from the Electrical Staffing appointed doctor.  Failure to do so will indicate that I have voluntarily left the employment of Electrical Staffing, which is an inactive status unavailable for further assignments.  Electrical Staffing will not be responsible for any injury in which I am performing tasks not authorized by Electrical Staffing or the job site’s supervisory staff.

Medical information

I understand and authorize Electrical Staffing to request and obtain all records regarding any industrial accident or occupational disease involving Electrical Staffing and myself.  This is to include doctor’s reports, follow up reports, nurse’s notes, medical bills, test results, etc.

Early return to work program

Electrical Staffing recognizes the need to provide temporarily modified or light duty work to employees who are unable to perform regular duties due to work related illness or injury as soon as the treating physician deems it medically feasible.  Due to the limited amount of modified work positions available, they will be assigned to Electrical Staffing on a “first come first serve” basis to those employees whose work related medical restrictions allow eligibility for the job positions available.  This program will be for no longer than ninety (90) days per employee.

Employees that have been subject to work related injury or illness would be returned to work as soon as the Electrical Staffing's attending physician approves their return in a capacity for which we have available work.  We will make every attempt to secure useful and productive work for the employee within their specified work restriction.  I understand that if I refuse an assignment that is within my work restriction, my workers compensation benefits will be terminated as of that day.  Exceptions to this light duty policy include return to work under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Electrical Staffing, Inc.'s Hiring Policy

Electrical Staffing reserves the right to evaluate all applicant’s qualifications for positions based on all relevant criteria, including minimum and/or maximum years of experience and education, appropriate wage or salary history and/or expectations for the position sought, willingness to perform all duties assigned, skill level, attitude, demeanor and all other criteria deemed relevant.

Electrical Staffing reserves the right to assess prior work experience and skill levels, and to confirm applicant’s work references, education and licensure where applicable, and will require applicants to authorize and hold Electrical Staffing and third parties harmless with respect to any such inquiries.

Electrical Staffing requires that applicants and employees provide truthful responses to all employment-related inquiries, both written and verbal, and reserves the right to reject any applicant and terminate any employee for providing false or misleading employment-related information, or omitting relevant information, or providing extraneous or unsolicited information.  Failure to provide complete and accurate responses to all questions, without material omission, providing extraneous or unsolicited information, or failing otherwise to cooperate in Electrical Staffing's administration of its hiring policy or other policies, will disqualify applicants from consideration for employment with Electrical Staffing, and may result in termination if employed, no matter when these violations are discovered.

Electrical Staffing will receive and process applications and hire employees only when, in its sole judgment, its business needs and circumstances dictate.  Since business needs and circumstances change, Electrical Staffing may discontinue hiring after soliciting or advertising for applicants.  If Electrical Staffing receives applications for employment or has applications in progress when it decides not to hire, no action will be taken on the applications.  Electrical Staffing will provide no information to applicants during or after its processing of applications, other than notice that they have been hired if and when they have been hired.

Electrical Staffing reserves the right to terminate any employee who formerly was employed with Electrical Staffing and who was inadvertently rehired, despite his or her ineligibility for rehire, and to decline to consider any similarly ineligible applicant.

Electrical Staffing requires that applicants and employees be available for all scheduled work during the week, be free of any competing or conflicting employment, or any other limitations on their availability for work, and perform all duties assigned, unless superseded by federal or state laws.

Electrical Staffing will not accept photocopied applications from other locations, as our application process is completed via telephone.  Confirmation of offers of employment will be made only by Electrical Staffing's main office.

Electrical Staffing reserves the right not to recall, reemploy, reinstate, or consider applications from former employees who are in a ‘Do Not Use’ status due to having resigned their employment without notice, were terminated or resigned in other than good standing in the employer’s sole judgment, or declined or failed to respond to an employment recall, reemployment or reinstatement offer.

Electrical Staffing reserves the right to assign and reassign all applicants and employees to any and all duties within its sole discretion and irrespective of the initial terms of employment or of applicants’ or employees’ experience, education, licensing, job title or description, prior trade or occupation of normal duties.

Electrical Staffing may change or vary the policies or procedures in this Hiring Policy either generally or in conjunction with a particular project, at any time, in its sole discretion, if its business needs and circumstances require such changes or variations.

Electrical Staffing is an at-will Employer and reserves the right to terminate employees for any reason with or without cause, notice, or prior discipline or warnings at any time, in its sole discretion, just as employees reserve the right to terminate their own employment for any reason, with or without notice, cause or prior discipline or warning.  This paragraph may be superseded, if applicable, by state law.

In order to prevent disruption of Electrical Staffing's operations and provision of services, violations of safety, insurance and customer requirements, and harassment of employees, the following rules apply to verbal solicitation and distribution of materials (written, graphic, audio or video):

No distribution of non-work-related materials of any kind will be permitted in any work areas at any time.

In non-work areas, any solicitation or distribution of any kind is prohibited by or to employees who are scheduled to be working at that time.  [Work time is defined as to not include lunch or breaks.]

Any employee who violates or fails to report a violation of this hiring policy or other employer policies will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including discharge, and any applicant failing to do so will be ineligible for further consideration for employment.