We agree time and one half is charged for all work performed by Electrical Staffing Inc. employees over 40 hours per week as required by law. We also follow any applicable specific state wage and hours laws.

We will furnish Electrical Staffing employees with a safe place to work as we do for our own employee’s. We represent that we are familiar with all applicable OSHA requirements and regulations. As Electrical Staffing’s employees are assigned to work on our premises and under our supervision, we will indemnify and hold Electrical Staffing harmless in the event that any OSHA citations are issued and/or any claims of actions are brought based on OSHA violations.

If an Electrical Staffing employee is injured during the assignment, we will promptly notify the Electrical Staffing office.

I authorize Electrical Staffing to obtain a credit report from any credit-reporting agency. I understand that this information will be used for the sole purpose of obtaining credit with Electrical Staffing or the collection of any accounts maintained with Electrical Staffing. I guarantee and agree that I will pay all accounts according to the terms and conditions contained thereon. I agree to notify Electrical Staffing before the due date, of any disputes I may have with any of the statements contained on the invoices provided to me. If I do not object to an invoice, I agree to pay it upon receipt. If I do not pay according to those terms, and do not have a pre-arranged payment schedule, I agree that interest at the rate of 2% per month (24% annual) shall be charged at 31 days. Also, if I fail to pay at my agreed payment schedule, I agree that interest of 2% per month shall be charged after the first day the payment is late beginning at 31 days.

Additionally, if Electrical Staffing is required to hire an attorney to collect any past due amounts, I guarantee and agree that my company will be responsible for all attorney’s fees, and collections costs incurred by Electrical Staffing.

I agree that this customer agreement and all matters relating there to shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the law of the state of Indiana. I agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the state of Indiana and agree that Electrical Staffing may enforce its rights against the company in the state of Indiana, Allen County. I swear and affirm, under the penalties of perjury, that all of the information submitted above is true and accurate.

All further services to be provided are also expressly subject to the customer’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. We the customer agree that these Terms and Conditions shall apply to all future orders.

We agree not to leave our premises, or any cash, negotiable instrument or other valuable items thereon, unattended in the presence of any of Electrical Staffing’s employees or entrust the same to the care, custody and control of any of Electrical Staffing’s employees without Electrical Staffing’s prior knowledge.

We agree not to advance any monies to Electrical Staffing’s employees with out Electrical Staffing’s prior written consent. We also agree that Electrical Staffing will not be responsible for claims made under Electrical Staffing’s fidelity bond unless we report such claims in writing to Electrical Staffing within 10 days of discovery and cooperate fully in the investigation and subsequent prosecution.

No oral statement of any person shall modify or otherwise affect the foregoing terms and conditions.

We realize that an ongoing contractual relationship exists between Electrical Staffing and its employees who are assigned to work with us. We agree not to interfere with or disrupt this relationship while said employees are on assignment. We will not employ a referral or employee of Electrical Staffing directly or indirectly for a period of 12 weeks after completion of an assignment or upon that individual being presented to us for possible employment through Electrical Staffing.

We further realize that Electrical Staffing has expenses in maintaining and recruiting a temporary staff and that if we transfer one of their employees to our payroll a cash settlement is in order to Electrical Staffing.

We further agree not to authorize Electrical Staffing employees to operate any vehicle with out Electrical Staffing’s prior written consent. We realize that the insurance Electrical Staffing furnishes does not cover physical damage to our vehicles whether owned or rented while being operated by Electrical Staffing employees nor for bodily injury or property damage including cargo, fire, theft, or collision claims resulting therefrom. We agree to provide all such insurance at our own cost. Electrical Staffing shall not be responsible for damages to vehicles, machinery, equipment or material we own, lease or rent which is in the care, custody, or control of Electrical Staffing’s employees, nor shall Electrical Staffing incur any liability in the event of an accident involving such vehicles, machinery, equipment, or materials.

Since we control and direct Electrical Staffing’s employees, we will assume the responsibility for all design defects and products liability. We will not authorize Electrical Staffing’s employees to approve plans, specifications, designs, maps, or render any opinions without Electrical Staffing’s prior knowledge. We realize the insurance Electrical Staffing furnishes covers neither design defects or product liability. We agree to provide all such insurance at our own cost.